The flowers of the American wilderness are among the most beautiful of our natural treasures. Delicate, graceful and vibrant, they have the power to stir the heart as well as the senses. Yet so elusive is their beauty that it is a rare artist indeed who can capture it with accuracy and realism.

But now, the Sierra Club, America's foremost conservation organization, has commissioned one of the most gifted floral artists of our time - Jeanne Holgate - to do exactly that. In its very first collection of porcelain plates.

An acclaimed artist whose style combines uncompromising accuracy with a mastery of form and color, Jeanne Holgate works directly from the living flower. Thus, she is able to depict each wild-flower exactly as it is in nature. So completely true to life that the tiny creatures she so joyfully portrays approaching her flowers are never a surprise to the viewer.For this is where the bumblebee, the grasshopper and the butterfly truly belong .

The result is a collection of beautiful works on porcelain - so lifelike that each is aglow with the inner beauty of the flowers themselves. A collection that will bring the beauty of our country's wildflowers into the home, where it can be enjoyed - year after year - by every member of the family. The delicate size enhances each original design

There will be twelve porcelain plates in this historic Sierra Club collection. Each will measure 7 3/4" in diameter, a size chosen especially to enhance the delicate beauty of its subject. And every design will delight the eye with its clear and uncomplicated beauty.

Each of the twelve plate designs will portray the loveliest wildflowers of a different region of our country, from the enchanting Lady's Slipper Orchid of the New England woods to the California Poppy that grows in profusion along Pacific shores . . . and from the charming Forget-me-not that brightens the Alaskan plains to the graceful Water Lily , glory of the Florida Everglades.

Thus, together, the complete collection will portray America's most distinctive and beautiful wildflowers - in a form destined to remain forever fresh and fascinating. Crafted of the finest porcelain

Each plate in the Sierra Club collection will be individually crafted of fine Bavarian porcelain, prized throughout the world for its whiteness, its translucence and its enduring strength. And every plate in the collection will be individually decorated with a rich border of pure 24 karat gold.

The Sierra Club has appointed Franklin Porcelain, a division of The Franklin Mint, as the sole issuing authority for this, its first collection of porcelain plates. And only those plates which meet the most demanding quality standards will be accepted for issuance to subscribers. Limiting the edition of fine porcelain plates

By order of the Sierra Club, Flowers of the American Wilderness will be produced and issued only by direct subscription. The total number of plates to be issued will be sharply and permanently restricted in the manner long ago established to assure the rarity of the finest porcelain plates. Thus, there is an absolute limit of just one subscription per person, and the total edition of the collection will be forever limited to the exact number of subscriptions entered by the final deadline date, plus one set for the permanent archives of the Sierra Club and one for the artist.

As a subscriber, you will receive your plates at the convenient and systematic rate of one each month for a year. The issue price for each fine porcelain plate is just $39, and a display stand will be provided with each of your plates. A legacy of beauty

As fine porcelain to display in your home . . . as a collection of original works by a world-renowned floral artist . . . and as the first collection of porcelain plates ever issued by the Sierra Club, this will be a most rewarding acquisition.

And, because a truly worthwhile possession retains its appeal forever, this collection will also be far, far more. A legacy from you, to be passed along from parent to child, down the generations. A legacy that will - again and again - inspire a love of beauty and an appreciation of America's proud natural heritage in all who come to possess it.

This is the first announcement of the Sierra Club's Flowers of the American Wilderness plate collection, and your advance subscription deadline is April 25, 1978. A final announcement of this series will be made in September, and the subscription rolls will then close forever. Thereafter, this beautiful collection will never be offered again.

There is no need to send any payment now. But please be sure to mail the Advance Subscription Application at right no later than April 25th.

JEANNE HOLGATE'S work is a permanent part of the great floral art collections of the world - including those of the Carnegie-Mellon University's Hunt Botanical Library, the British Museum, and the personal collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother of Great Britain. She is the only artist ever to have been awarded successive gold medals by the Royal Horticultural Society, and is listed in "Who's Who in American Art."