Even a Redskins pass won't get you into the Dresden exhibition, which is expected to dwarf the Tutankhamen exhibition, still remembered for its six-hour lines. So this time the National Gallery is making life for the culture seeker, if not easier, at least more orderly. Passes to the Dresden exhibition will be distributed in front of the east entrance of the original gallery building, on 4th street, under the two green jousting tents. And attempts are being made to distribute passes ahead of time so visitors can be guaranteed admission at a specific time if they have a pass. For information call 737-2787 (for those who enjoy telephonic word-making, that's 737-ARTS).

Some tips:

Evenings are likely to be less crowded than daytimes, but don't count on any time to be uncrowded.

Consider size. The Tut exhibition had fifty-five objects, valued for insurance purposes at $22 million.The Dresden exhibition has more than 700 objects, valued for insurance purposes at over $82 million. Viewing the whole thing is expected to take an hour and a half. Fashionable footwear for this show will be sneakers, or at least comfortable walking shoes. Check out the restrooms and water fountains (around the corner to the right after you leave the people-mover) before you enter the exhibition. Check your packages as you enter the old building.