The tentative title of the Watergate book by ex-CREEP finance chief Maurice Stans is My Side , to be published this fall by Everest House. Examining the Nixon administration between 1968 and 1974, Stans finds fault only with the media and overzealous prosecutors . . . Why did Martha Shirk, new Washington reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, begin crying while talking with Hamilton Jordan in the Chicago Tribune suite following the White House correspondents' dinner? It was late at night, she says, and she thinks she overreacted to a Jordan comment: "What do you do? Type (bureau chief) Jim Deakin's copy?" Jordan, surprised at her reaction, apologized and they parted friends.

State Department correspondents cracked this joke before Zbigniew Brzezinski left for his just-completed trip to China: What advice did Secretary of State Cyrus Vance give Brzezinski? Answer. Take along a polish interpreter and a South Korean navigator . . . Even before United Press International reporters knew if they would strike earlier this month, they plotted to limit access by management to copy stored in computer terminals. Copy written in advance mysteriously disappeared from the electronic disks . . . Washington columnist for the Des Moines Register and Tribune Syndicate, Clark Mollenboff, joins Jack Anderson in a couple of days as a part-time reporter while he teaches at Washington and Lee University.