May's book-of-the-month was Richard Nixon's memoirs - whose syndicated excerpts created more interest than the $19.95 product - and this month's talk of the town will most likely be Bobby Baker's Wheeling and Dealing.

Baker gripes that not everything appears in print the way he'd like it. "You know, those New York lawyers, they're gutless," he says, blaming wary attorneys for some changed names and deletions. (The changed names aren't noted, either.)

First media salvo comes in a couple of days on the premiere of ABC's news feature show, "20/20," whose crew spent 18 hours filming Baker in Washington and Ocean City. A nationwide author tour follows; it's open seasons for foes and friends of Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

Note: Yes, that was Bobby Baker a couple of months ago bidding $16,000 at a 13th Street auction for his own furniture. ("I even had to bid on my own golf sticks," he says angrily. "I sat down there like a monkey in a cage.") A dispute with his former over possession of some $70,000 worth of home furnishings led to a legal struggle, most of which was settled by the auction.