When you want to know which government offices deal with telecommunications, you can either tangle with telephone operators for half the day or you can turn to page 27 of Federal Fast Finder. To track down the telephone numbers of five government agencies dealing with minerals and mining, page 19 can save you untold amounts of aggravation. The Federal Fast Finder lists the telephone numbers of Federal government departments, agencies, boards, commissions and major offices, of which there are over a thousand, and arranges them alphabetically by key word, so you are not stuck with leafing through all the National and Bureau headings to get to the heart of your matter. To save you even more time, the booklet describes information sources that will do free research for the public and lists 47 recorded messages that will give you the news any time of the day.

Federal Fast Finder costs $5 for only 36 pages, but once you have leafed through the 1,712 yellow pages of the telephone directory, you realize that less is more. Federal Fast Finder, A Key Word Telephone Directory of the Federal Government. Washington Researchers, 910 17th St. NW., Washington, D. C. 20006. $5. 452-0025.