Once you have gone all the way to Rehoboth for sun and sea, it is too bad to have to eat indoors, and even worse to have to eat frozen fish. The Back porch Cafe at Rehoboth serves seafood as fresh as the breezes that cool the Victorian porch. Sit under Campari umbrellas - or indoors at more formal tables. Try an apple-banana-rum Back Porcher. Start dinner with a flaky-crusted guiche or, if it is on the menu, a creamy chowder. Skip the meat dishes and zero in on seafoods - the chef's whim of a shrimp concoction, a fish filet with crab and sherry under hollandaise, or just plain fish. Vegetables are a big production, especially the picture-perfect vegetable platter. Homemade ice cream follows all, but try not to resist the gargantuan fruit pie slice, the carrot cake of monumental proportions, or the trifle - brandied and sherried enough to get you giddy. On Sunday the Back Porch sets out a silver tea service and homemade cookies, dons hats for all the help, and invites the public in for tea - free - from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

Traveling to and from the beach, be sure to try the chicken barbecues done by the Kiwanis and American Legion, charcoaling and seelling chicken from Saturday morning through Sunday evening. A sample of one - the first along the road - cost $2.25 for half a chicken, chips, and rolls, the chicken so good we nearly finished the bones.