Portland Press Herald - in wire story reporting Supreme Court decision banning seven "filthy words" on broadcasts when children might be listening - declines to print words but lets curious readers send stamped, self-addressed envelope for personal copy of offensive language. With circulation of 55,000, paper received about 60 requests . . . Despite tension between White House and press, not all reporters are out of favor. Hamilton Jordan drinking buddy, Dallas Times-Herald bureau chief Roy Bode, celebrated 30th birthday late last month at party given by Pat Cadell. Bode was tossed in pool wearing his seersucker suit. . . And one of Bode's reporters, Paul West, is long-time ticket with the White House's Claudia Townsend.

Daughter of Washington Star columnist Carl Rowan, Dayton TV newswoman Barbara Rowan, begins new reporting job at Post-Newsweek station in Detroit . . . Mice infest newsroom of The Washington Star, munching on peanut butter crackers in desk drawer of reporter Allan Frank, jumping out of files belonging to Gloria BOrger . . . While writing political columns for New Times magazine, Washington scribe Robert Shrum lifts weights, does sit-ups and jogs. Now half the man be used to be, he dropped from 300 pounds to 150 . . . Coming in November Playboy, on heels of Peter Bourne drug affair, congressional poll detailing use of marijuana and other recreational drugs by legislators.