Paramount buys movie script by former Washington Post copyaide, Julia Cameron. Titled "The Works," film is Raymond Chandler-type mystery set in Washington. Heroine is a woman reporter who assumes the identity of a murdered prostitute.Cameron, separated from director Martin "Taxi Driver" Scorsese, lives and writes in Hollywood with daughter . . . Washington business exec, Republican hostess, friend of Taiwan, Anna Chennault, sells her autobiography to Times Books. Free-lancer Wendy Law-Yone, who just returned from Greece with completed novel called "The Coffin Tree," will ghostwrite Chennault project.

Poised on the brink of a book and a new job: David Hume Kennerly, who may move to Manhattan to click pics for Look. Newsweek Books will publish his "semi-autobiography" called Shooter . . . William Morrow signs book contract with Washington free-lancer Phyllis Theroux for "Final Scenes," a first-person account of growing up in what Theroux describes as "an Emersonian family . . ." Former Boston Globe national and foreign editor, Crocker Snow, hunts about $2 million to begin newspaper with global focus, to be called WorldPaper. Beginning in January, the quarterly (which will become monthly if successful) will appear as supplements to newspapers around the world . . . Byline of "Randolph Rivers" in the Capitol Hill newspaper called Roll Call is nom de plume of press assistant to Rep. Phillip Burton, Myron Struck.