What Happens When You've Hung Up Those Actuarial Charts For the Last Time ? Insurance companies naturally tailor their sales pitch to their audience, but few sales letters may be as personalized as one Great-West Life plans to mail this month to FBI agents. In a proposed solicitation letter inviting agents to participate in their retirement savings plan, the company turns from a discussion of life insurance policies and asks: "Now what about you? What about the so-called 'golden years' when you've hung up your pistol for the last time? . . ."

Profits and Prophets . The month after he completes his term as governor of Alabama, George Wallace plans to lead a tour of the Holy Land in Israel, just as the president's sister did late last summer. However, the Wallace trip is planned as a profit-making operation; he'll get a cut of each traveler's $1,300 fee (New York departure, food and lodging for nine days). Wallace has never been to Israel before, but fortunately for the tourists, professional guides licensed by the state generally do the guiding.Wallace, like others before him, is the titular head whose reputation is supposed to draw the customers. The departure date is Valentine's Day, and Wallace's press secretary says there's "room for hundreds."

She Left Her Clone In San Francisco . It was a bizarre match in California last July when one of John Kennedy's self-proclaimed lovers, San Francisco socialite Joan Hitchcock, took as her fifth husband a young actor who portrays JFK in his one-man road show. "I'm marrying a clone - he looks so much like Jack it drives me nuts," Hitchcock said at the time. Well, the union lasted only a couple of months. "I should have drunk the fifth or taken it - anything but married it," Hitchcock said to columnist Herb Caen at the end.