If your neighbors are not to be guests at your party, they should be warned and given an idea of what will be happening. Our most immediate neighbors at the time we gave the party for Tish Baldrige, Janet and Hugh D. Auchincloss (she is the mother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court William Brennan and his wife Marjorie, were always kindness itself.

When you make up your list for the party there always seem to be about four couples whom for one reason or another you can't decide whether to invite or not because of limited space. Invite them. They will of course know all about the party as invitations to a dance go out usually about four weeks ahead. If you don't invite them, you will run into them the day before and the day afterward on the street or at another party. I can virtually guarantee they will be hurt and you will feel bad. Moreover, the day of the party at least five or six people will call up to say that they've just got the flu, or their husbands aren't well or whatever and you'll have plenty of room after all but it will be too late by then to invite those few on your off-again-on-again list.