On full employment: "The National Employment Act of 1946 is our national economic policy, and it's identical to Russia's: solve all problems by full employment. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, where the production of goods and services is going on, the pure scientists, the engineers, technicians and managers marshalled their considerable talents and experience to exterminate labor and jobs. Not because they're bad but because minimization of costs is the goal of business.So the economic policy of the nation was the opposite of what was going on."

On the future of Esop/s: "We get a couple of amendments out of Congress and we'll get capital at two or three per cent [interest rates]. Jimmy Carter talks about capital at 10 or 11 percent. He'll beat inflation, but he'll get unemployment."

On hidden welfare: "If's what you do when you pay more and more for less and less. It's what you do when you give a raise to civil servants when there are plenty of people willing to work at half the price."

On the super-rich getting richer: "When a man produces all he and his dependents can enjoy and consume today and in the future, then -- in a world in which others cannot produce what they desire to produce -- he is indulging his criminal greed. It's not socially desirable, and if frustrates the dreams of others. In the name of personal freedom, society can stand a few greedy criminals... even if they are nice guys who go to church every Sunday, for the length of their lives. Let them build marketpower into the masses."

On the stock market: "Organized gambling."

On socialism: "Karl Marx's gripe was that wealth was concentrated in a few hands, so he wanted the government to hold the property in trust. Milovan Djilas was a childhood friend of Tito's who, as the vice president, helped socialize Yugoslavia. But one day he realized that, "We were trying to build a society to diffuse power, but we replaced the robber baron capitalist with the robber baron bureaucrat who also holds political power.' He is no longer vice president."

On Proposition 13: "The producers are getting fed up with the parasites. But what do we do with the two or three million bureaucrats off the payroll? How do you get the parasited into the game as human beings? I think we have the answer,[with Employe Stock Ownership Plans]. It's orderly. It doesn't jeopardize private property."