ARED BELT. A turquoise shoe. A fuschia hat.

Yellow stockings Sound garish all together? It is. But the injection of a bright color is guaranteed to stimulate a fresh look to a jacket, a suit, a dress, or whatever's tired in your winter wardrobe.

Paris designers like to put bright red shoes with a black suit. For spring they've piped and striped black with Lifesaver colors. Geoffrey Beene's prettiest dress for next season is black silkysatin with freehand stripes of blue or yellow down the fabric.

So figure it will all go further than just a dash of color. The brilliant accessories will stand you in good stead come spring because another option is bound to be brights on bright. That same red cummerbund that lights up a black sweater now can later add sparkle to a yellow cotton suit.

Turn on the lights. It's a bright season ahead. CAPTION: Picture 1, The pancake hat in fuschia straw by Carson/Underwood is a terrific shocker (from Bloomingdale's, available mid-February). Illuminate your lips, too -- she's using Halston's new "Scarlet" lipstick.; Picture 2 and 3 1. Carved wood bag by Rafael Sanchez at Saks-Jandel.

2. We've piled brights on a Garfinckel's suit -- bustier (strapless top) by Marcia Lyons and Rosemary Peck's caviar beads from Saks Fifth Avenue, Frank Olive hat from Garfinckel's, bracelets and straw bag from Bloomies, shoes from Neiman-Marcus.; Picture 4 through 7, 3. Surprise everyone with bold Bonnie Doon anklets from Woodward/Lothrop peeking out from under your pants. Brod comb at Bloomingdale's, double cowboy belts from Neiman-Marcus.

4. Try combining raspberry Charles Jourdan shoes and shiny Gleamers pantyhose, both from Bloomingdale's, or the purple Jourdan mule from Neiman-Marcus with lilac pantyhose from Bloomies.

5. Gold suede sandals (Woodies) can team with a rainbow of colors. Ten colors of Ann Taylor cotton stockings, rolled up Bloomies tights and more Woodies' anklets fill the basket. Shoe Biz snake sandal from Diana Parker lies beside the basket.

6. Bright light under a dark jacket -- the satin camisole by Scott Barrie from Garfinckel's, a Charles Jourdan binocular case at Bloomies.; Picture, 8 through 11, 7. A cinch to shine on a dark suit, the patent leather belt by Calderon is at Garfinckel's. The puckered tube by Carol Laurie is at Bloomingdale's, the pin from I. Magnin and the jacket from Garfinckel's.

8. Rosemary Peck's brilliant paillette hairpicks, at Saks Fifth Avenue, will put a new twist in your chignon.

9. The Lifesaver colors of the satin disco bags from Lord & Taylor streak the body while headbands from Woodward/Lothrop provide a sliver of rainbow in the hair. The jawbreaker bracelet by PC Designs is at Saks Fifth Avenue, the black silk shirt by Zinger at Garfinckel's.

10. A gleaming grace note from the Paris collections is Thierry Mugler's leather cummerbund, at Bloomingdale's in early February.