GOOD sports, that's what the current crop of swimwear is for. Women willing to take to the water, or land, to exercise to stay in shape.

The suits are a little barer, a little sexier than a year back. A little higher cut on the leg, slashed a little deeper both front and back. Some are cut out at the sides as well. Trimmed away, they've become simply a sliver of bright color, or black, in the water.

Suits take their shape from the wearer, with a little help from shirring and drawstrings. And for those who feel more comfortable with more coverage, there are cover-ups that range from little dance skirts to togas and tuxedos. Apres swim, some simply wrap a skirt around and feel appropriately dressed for a disco. CAPTION: Picture 1, A sneak preview of this season's slick, sexy slivers of colors for serious swimmers. The cover photograph of a Danskin suit with shirred front is by Bill Snead. Available at Woodward/Lothrop, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue for $17.50.; Picture 2, 1. Lined up for exercise swim class are, top from left, Norma Kamali for OMO (On My Own) bikini with pleated bandeau and diaper bottom at Garfinckel's ( $54), Valentino's lingerie trim body swimsuit at Bloomingdale's ( $78), and Dansrin's chocolate "Freestyle" at Hecht's ($17.50). "Freestyle crisscrosses in front and is a bikin in back. The team is filled out, bottom from left, by Halston's high-cut leg maillot with shirring, at Woodies and Bloomingdale's ( $42); Carole Lombard suit in iridescent purple by Gottex from Lord & Taylor ( $48).; Picture 3, 2. The one shoulder strap and cutout style by Norma Kamali for OMO pares everything down to minimal shaping. At Garfinckel's ( $54).; Picture 4, 3. Kicking up a slimmer look, left, are the tiger print suit from Some-Body by Mainstream at Hecht's ( $25), and, right, the black braid outlined suit by Gabar at Garfinckel's and Hecht's ( $27). Photos taken at the YWCA, D.C. Branch. Photos by Bill Snead