Four days a week five members of the Women's Community Bakery gather at 8 a.m. in the borrowed kitchen of a Hyattsville bakery to mix, knead and pound dough for the day's 900-loaf quota of bread. On alternate days production turns to "sweet" baked goods. The entire enterprise, from measuring the ingredients to delivering the finished product to balancing the books, is run by seven women who have joined together to serve two community needs -- to supply local stores, co-ops and restaurants with whole-grain baked goods and at the same time to train women in a marketable skill. Members of the group are treated as employes, with benefits and a certain degree of job security, but also as business partners who must attend weekly meetings and participate in decision-making. As natural foods and specialty stores have recently enjoyed a surge in business, so has the bakery. About 35 stores and restaurants now receive regular deliveries of bread (honey whole wheat, oatmeal raisin, onion rye and corn/grain) and "sweets" (muffins, date bars, oatmeal cookies, carrot cake, banana bread and granola), containing no preservatives, sugar or white flour. Some of everything is also set aside each day, fresh from the oven, to be sold at the bakery counter. Women's Community Bakery. At Loch Lomond Bakery, 2500 University Blvd. E, Hyattsville. 422-6699 .