When these color photographs were sent off a few weeks ago to be printed for this issue, Gay Vance wasn't scheduled to travel again unitl late May, Accompanying her husband, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, as she often does, to a NATO conference at The Hague. Then came an unexpected announcement: President Carter would travel to the Middle East to help in negotiations of the long-sought peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Where the president goes, so goes the secretary of state, at least where peace is the issue: once again the Vances were aboard Air Force One bound for Cairo and Jerusalem.

Deadlines wouldn't permit photographs of this most recent Vance journey, but there are others, just a few of the hundreds Mrs. Vance has taken in the past two years. Of her work she says, "When I was 12 or 13 someone gave me a camera and I've been taking pictures ever since. I haven't had any formal training-I just take pictures. I'm very nearsighted, so I have to be very careful that everything is in focus."

Although many Americans travel to foreign countries each year, not many travel to so many different places in such a short period of time as the Vances' hectic schedule necessitates. For example, Gay Vance's intinerary in the summer of 1977: After accompanying Rosalynn Carter to South America in late May and early June, she spent a week with Secretary Vance in the Middle East in August, returned to Washington for three or four days, and then traveled to Peking.

Mrs. Vance's penchant for photography and her private collection came to the attention of a Washington Post reporter who often covers the secretary's trips abroad. She agreed to share these personal photographs and reminiscences with The Magazine's readers. CAPTION: Picutre 1, No caption; Picture 2, Russian Church: "In the past eight to 10 years the Russians have become very interested in restoring old buildings, particularly in an area around Moscow that they call 'The Golden Ring.' This is a country cathedral in Suzdal, about three hours outside Moscow. It's all wood and they've done an absolutely beautiful job of restoring it and treating the wood so that it will last."; Picture 3, Petraglyph: "This petraglyph in Taif, Saudi Arabia, was discovered by some Americans, I believe Americans working for an oil company there." now become interested in their ancient history because the interest has so far focused on the Islamic heritage rather than on pre-Islamic history."; Picture 4, Gone Fishing: "Nothing relaxes Cy more than fishing, but he doesn't get to go very often. On this particular trip to Martha's Vineyard, they were fishing from the beach, wading out onto the rocks. Cy didn't have a good belt to hold up his waders and a strong wave came along, filled the waders and knocked him down. The next time he remembered to pack a belt."; Picture 5, Peruvian Dancers: "When I went to Latin America with Mrs. Carter in 1977, the prime minister of Peru gave a lovely party, and the entertainment was provided by groups of dancers from all over Peru dressed in their brightly colored regional costumes."; Picture 6, Regents Park: "Spring in England is glorious. When we were in London in April of last year, about this time, the fruit trees in Regents Park were just in bloom."; Picture 7, Jerusalem: "This photograph was taken opposite the Western Wall. You can see the extensive rebuilding of the old city that is going on - apartments in Jerusalem are at a premium. Those soldiers went everywhere with me in the Old City."; Picture 8, M'Kumi Game Park: "We were glad to escape the heat of Car-es-Salaam for the cool of M'Kumi, which is 2,500 feet up. This whole family of lions was just out for a stroll - they wouldn't go any faster, wouldn't move off the road."; Picture 9, Jerusalem Domes: "I had a fascinating time on this trip to Jerusalem because I was taken around the city by a priest. We followed the road Christ had taken on the way to Calvary. This photograph was taken from the roof of an old convent. The various types of architecture, the domes and towers - the shapes of Jerusalem are so lovely."; Picture 10, Dar-es-Salaam: "This is the harbor of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania on the eastern coast of Africa. It is an interesting city but unbelievably hot and steamy. When we were there in March 1978, the temperature was 98 degrees and the humidity was 98 percent."; Picture 11, Petra Treasury: "The 'Treasury' building is the showpiece of the necropolis at Petra, in Jordan. To think that they started building from the top and ended up at the bottom in proportion! There was an American dig going on in the hills around there-they think that villages of the people who built those tombs may be there."; Picture 12 Such Good Friends: "I don't know who this man was. I saw him standing under a tree with his camel in Jordan and he came up and asked if I wanted a picture. I said I did and he clasped his camel to him."; Picture 13, Red Star Commune: "The Red Star Commune is a model commune in China, but even though our tour was a guided one, we still got some idea of what life in a commune is like. The maintenance shop was particularly interesting because you see what needs to be repaired and what people save - nothing is thrown away in China."; Picture 14, Brazilian Children: "These children live in a government housing project in Recife. The very poor people there have always lived along the river banks, but every year the river would flood and their homes would be destroyed. So the government built very simple apartments out of cement to withstand the water, and they have also established a medical clinic for the project there."; Picture 15, Sphinx: "We were on our way to President Sadat's house on the Nile when I was whisked away to see the pyramids. I only had about 15 minutes to look at the Sphinx. I think one would need to spend a long time taking it all in - the age of it, the miracle of what the Egyptians built."; Picture 16, Budapest: "We were on a trip with President and Mrs. Carter-they went on to Brussels and Cy and I went to Budapest where Cy represented the United States in the return of the Crown of St. Stephen. Much of Budapest was destroyed in the war and has now been rebuilt almost to the brick."; Picture 17, Temple of Baal: "In Palmyra, Syria, are the ruins of an ancient temple, I believe the Temple of Baal, the idol mentioned often in the Old Testament. Restoration of these ruins is extremely expensive and necessarily slow-they're now using computers to match the stones. Nearby are ancient tombs, something like our mausoleums, inscribed in Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew an educated person had to know three alphabets!"