It's as revolutionary as the printing process itself," exclaims Larry Randall, owner, operator and distributor of a seemingly ordinary photocopying machine that produces truly extraordinary results. He demonstrates the magic: taking a stock table from the daily newspaper, he makes a photocopy of it on normal paper, applies the paper to a T-shirt in a heat press for 30 seconds, and presto, the image of the stock table, every number and letter legible, is dyed into the shirt. "It's not magic. It's chemistry," Randall explains. It's the dye in the machine that makes the difference between this indelible impression and the traditional heat-transfer technique, which only applies the image to the Surface of the shirt. But by no means does the process stop at T-shirts. How about flashing a brass business card (a brass plate dyed with your business card, $5), hanging up a dart board printed with your boss's image, or presenting someone with his face on a puzzle? Textiles, glass, ceramics, paper - just about anything that will withstand heat of 325 - can be instantly dyed with the single-color image of any object that can photocopied, such as a favorite photo or a newspaper page. These are five colors to choose from. T-shirt imprints cost $5 (2.50 if you buy the shirt there).

Spectraprint Prints. Shirt World, Featherstone Square, 14539 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Woodbridge. 703/491-3915. CAPTION: Picture, no caption, by Bill Snead