The Writer's Center. Glen Echo Park, Macarthur Boulevard, Glen Echo. 229-0684.

For a change of pace and a perspective in summer reading, wander into the Writer's Center, sponsored by the National Park Service at Glen Echo Park. Its bookshelves offer an array of writings by fresh, and local, talent -- the new fiction and poetry that's being published these days by the area's small presses. The Writer's Center also provides would-be and seasoned writers and graphic artists of all ages an outlet for their creativity through a variety of writing classes [encompassing creative writing, poetry and fiction] and instruction in design and typesetting. The most novel aspect of the small-press facility [phototypesetter, drafting tables, copy camera, plate-maker and press], which can be used to produce anything from a fullcolor poster to a book of poetry. The significant of the operations is that writers and artists can fully participate in every phase of their work -- from the writing and designing to the printing -- and assure that the final product is exactly what they want. And, on another level, says center director Allan Lefcowitz, "it's the pleasure not only of having written it, but feeling the physicality of it." CAPTION: Illustration, no Caption, By Gloria Marconi