Perhaps fearing the howls of angry celebrities whose home addresses are listed, the producers of the "Confidential Guide to Homes of Washington VIP's aren't advertising the idea-man behind the publication. He's a shy Beverly Hills customs lawyer, Randy Ferguson, who thought Washington was ready for the kind of maps to star's homes that are peddled in and around Hollywood.

"I certainly didn't want to intrude on anyone's privacy, but I think there's a certain wonderful intimancy that people get to share when they drive through a neighborhood and see a person's home," says Ferguson, 34, who attended Georgetown University before transferring to Stanford in 1966. "It never seemed to hurt or intrude on anyone's privacy when I was growing up in the same neighborhood as Douglas Fairbanks Jr., David Niven and Gregory Peck."

Last month the fold-out map with addresses of more than 300 prominent Washingtonians (such as Warren Burger, Joseph Califano, Hamilton Jordan and Roger Mudd) appeared on reporters' desks and in local stores. A Washington attorney for Landmark Press, the publisher, discouraged inquiries about the map's genesis, saying the preferred to focus attention on the product, not the producer.

Ferguson says he conceived of the map as a money-making extracurricular activity. With some help, he gathered the home addresses of media and political celebs from public documents, such as court records, phone books and the Congressional Directory, Because some individuals moved not all the addresses are accurate. But Ferguson says if sales warrant it, he'll update the map periodically. CAPTION: Illustration, no caption, Landmark Press