All natural ingredients. It's a label a lot of things are wearing these days, including Jill Romanoke's baskets. Taking materials foraged from backyards, barnyards and forests, things like birch bark, honeysuckle, horsehair, cattail and willow, Romanoke passes hours and days plaiting twining and coiling them into the finished product. Her baskets tend to have two personalities - some are meant to function as containers, commonly woven of rattan, and others Romanoke thinks of as more "sculptural" pieces in which she experiments with forms and contrasting fibers such as rattan and seaweed. In keeping with her origins as a New England weaver inspired by the outdoors, Romanoke had taken to the open air at Glen Echo Park as resident basketweaver, encouraging everyone with basketry workshops and Sunday demonstrations. Today at Glen Echo (noon to 6 p.m.) she'll try her hand, and any visitors' too, at basketweaving on a very large scale. Tote over all your withering yard vines (no poison ivy, please) and join her in weaving a human-size basket that will become a hut for drying her vines and fibers. Next Sunday, same time, she'll raise the roof. CAPTION: Picture, no caption, By Brett Littlehales