Clear Cut. 1660 33rd St. NW. 337-0400.

Marcus Rankin and Sara Reinhardt, proprietors of Clear Cut, an acrylic specialty store, launched their joint enterprise several years ago working on frames for butterfly arrangements and eventually ventured into asssembling more elaborate acrylic pieces, ususally using plexiglass. Much of the shop's business now comes from collectors searching for the right kind of display case to exhibit their art treasures. "Plexiglass is clear and so pure that it doesn't detract from what you're displaying," explains Rankin. "And it goes with traditional and antique things very well." Rankin's latest experiments with plexiglass have yielded a combination table/display case, an unusual birdcage and tables perched on legs that form initials. Some of Clear Cut's more standard acrylic pieces include furniture, shelving, stair railings, lamps, room dividers, skylights and mantle covers. And the choice of colors and surfaces is just as varied: smoked, mirrored, translucent, fluorescent and opaque finishes are available. The store's personalized service extends to house and office calls. Aside from original acrylic work, numerous ready-made gadgets can be acquired - trays, bookends, vases and assorted boxes and containers. CAPTION: Picture, no caption, By Breton Littlehales