George Theofiles has dubbed himself "Miscellaneous Man," a fitting epithet for someone who is a compulsive collector of miscellany, whose living quarters are crowded with an army of champagne buckets acquired over the years, who eats off of silverware auctioned from the Ritz-Carlton and drinks out of sherry glasses from the Queen Mary. Theofiles has managed to support his acquisitive habit by converting it into an occupation. "I turned a purely accumulator's attitude into a business," he explains. His mail-order catalogue capitalizes on the lucrative nostalgia market, offering wh at he calls "the most varied stock of original posters available anywhere," most of which date before 1945. The rest of the catalogue's miscelany extends to "ephemera" - handbills and promos from movies, menus and ashtrays from steamships, calendars and other assorted memory-jerkers. When Theofiles isn't filling mail orders, he's busy dickering with people to buy new items for his ever-multiplying collections, which he enlarges by sending out flyers alerting people to his "permanent wants": posters, movie memorabilia, menus, stickers, labels, robots, cocktail shakers.... You name it. The Miscellaneous Man probably wants it.

Miscellaneous Man. Catalogue is $2 ( $6 for four issues). Write to: Box 1776, New Freedom, Pa. 17349, 717/235-4766 (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) CAPTION: Picture, no caption, By Shelley Reizenstein