Local NBC reporter Marjorie Margolies, her husband, former Rep. Ed Mezvinsky, and their seven children become a mixed media event as they move to a Philadelphia suburb. She intends to continue a weekend talk show for WRC, report on a free-lance basis for radio and television stations in Philadelphia and write a book on mothering. He is president of a film production company, Marco Films Ltd., and hopes to capture the Senate seat being vacated by Richard Schweiker.

Susan Ford just completed her first major photography assignment for the cosmetics industry in Paris -- Illinois, that is. She shot working farm girls on location to advertise Revlon's several different cosmetic collections.

Glamour magazine this winter will inaugurate a Washington column, to be written by free-lancer Molly Peter . . . H. R. Haldeman, working on a second book, has become a full-time businessman, joining a development company in Los Angeles owned by a major Republican fund-raiser, David Murdock.

Romance sweeps the media set: novelist John [The Piercing] Coyne loses an editor but gains a wife in November when he weds his editor at Putnam, Judy Wederholt . . . Washington Journalism Review founder Roger Kranz plans to marry Anne Elsey, a Catholic University social work grad student this fall . . . And another reporter and editor preparing to marry are The Post's writer Stephanie Mansfield and editor Phil Smith.