If Alabama's Cornelia Wallace has her way, her ex-husband may soon read about himself in a novel she's writing based on the two legendary politicians she's loved in her life: George Wallace and another former Alabama governor, "Kissing Jim Folsom, Cornelia's uncle. Cornelia spent this past summer filling in longhand about 200 pages of a legal pad, the beginning of a novel called The Giant Slayer. Folsom -- or, more precisely, a character based on him -- is the giant. Folsom's actual height: 6 feet, 8 inches. Wallace on the other hand, is a foot shorter.

"The giant comes into power first," says Cornelia, "and the book is based on this small man's struggle to topple the giant, about the psychological drive in this little man to slay the giant in order to feel big. He succeeds in some attempts to topple him, but his need to grow physically is never satisfied.

Subsequently his struggle is nonending."

Since their divorce a year and a half ago, the Wallaces remain "on friendly terms, though we don't see each other with any regularity," according to Cornelia. She began writing this summer in Florida while helping to put her mother through an alcoholic rehabilitation program. Her first book, C'Nelia, was a non-fiction account of her early life and the attempted assassination of her former husband.