Can this really be a relative of Friedrich Engels, co-author of The Communist Manifesto, speaking? "I think the enforcement of private property is the best way to reach the goal of everyone living better," says Wolfram Engels, a descendant of one of Engels' brothers who shares the famous last name of the 19th-century social philosopher and chum of Karl Marx. This Engels is a 46-year-old visiting scholar at Georgetown University where he teaches a course titled "The Economics of the Welfare State." A freemarket economist, Engels says his famous surname is a guaranteed conversation -- opener in his native Germany. "Friedrich Engels lived in a different time," he observes. "What he experienced in England was a gross national product that was growing and growing -- though wages were not. The increase in number of workers always set off the gains of growth, and at that time all the classic economists thought the population would grow faster than the GNP, leaving no room for an increase in income. Now we have a standstill in population growth, so with the experience of today you cannot hold any more Marx or Engels views. And just as you cannot hold their views, you can't come to the same conclusions as they did." Verstehen Sie, comrades?