Jimmy Carter's campaign staff shouldn't look to Hunter S. Thompson for aid and comfort this time around. It 1974 Thompson -- whose collection of writings, The Great Shark Hunt , is a national best seller -- wrote an idolatrous article about Carter for Rolling Stone magazine that gave a boost to the campaign of "Jimmy Who?" At the Democratic convention Rolling Stone publisher Jann S. Wenner hosted a much publicized bash for Carter, and the magazine's assistant publisher in Washington, Anne Wexler, snared a job on the Carter transition team, eventually becoming an assistant to the president. But for Thompson, the bloom is off, according to an interview to be published this week in Washington Journalism Review. "What I didn't realize," Thompson told interviewer Jane Perlez, "was that he was incompetent. I'm surprised that he conned me on that point real badly. I have some tapes of him telling me -- it's very sad, it sounded like a high school civics major telling you how he's going to run the country." Thompson said the Carter White House has tried to lure him and friend Jimmy Buffett to Washington for chummy photos. But Buffett is singing in a benefit concert for the draft-Kennedy forces in California, and Thompson even hints he might get involved with the Kennedy camp.