When Daniel Schorr assumes the anchorman slot on Ted Turner's new, national, all-news cable television station next June, his family in Cleveland Park will be able to watch him courtesy of a backyard satellite antenna -- an expensive gift from Turner.

Schorr said no sooner had Turner observed that Schorr's neighborhood did not have cable service than an engineer showed up on his doorstep to survey the former CBS newsman's yard. When Schorr asked him what the apparatus would look like, the engineer opened the first page of Neiman-Marcus' Christmas catalogue, which features the antenna for $36,500, including installation, of course.

The antenna enables reception of dozens of stations, some from Mexico and Canada, that use satellite transmission. Turner's 24-hour news network will be beamed via satellite to cable subscribers around the country. Schorr says his 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter need the numberous channels "like a hole in the head." And he adds that his wife "has very dim thoughts about it." But since the FCC just recently deregulated such so-called "earth stations," it's likely Schorr will become one of the first private citizens to have an earth station in his backyard.