Tiecrafters, Inc. 116 E. 27th St., New York, N.Y. 10016.The minimum work order is three ties. Include $2 for shipping for up to 10 ties; $3 for more than 10. 212/867-7676.

How's a poor fellow to keep up with the ravages of fashion and food on those costly and obvious accessories called neckties? Not only are ties always in the way of spilled soup, they're subject every few years to the vagaries of fashion. One answer is consultation with the cleaning and altering experts at Tiecrafters who have been making good on male misfortune for 27 years. They have seen a plethora of coffee and gravy stains and watched widths change from two inches to five inches and now back to a skinny three. For $2 they will spot and rejuvenate a tie that may have seemed hopeless.For $4.50 they'll perform surgery on fat ties, except knits. What will Tiecrafters do when the trend in widths swings the other way? Owner Stuart Bart says it's possible to widen a tie, but perfect results can't be guaranteed. "We've done it for people who are so attached to their tie that they don't care what it looks like."