Christine De Lisle has "the kind of teeth that make the toothpaste people reach for their checkbooks," said Cosmopolitan magazine in 1978, and indeed De Lisle once made TV commercials for Ultra-Brite toothpaste. But today that great mouth, advertising WRXQ-FM on local television, has made her Washington's first sex symbol since Susan Gailey first said, "You get your way at Ourisman Chevrolet" seven years ago.

De Lisle has become so popular as "Q107's Remarkable Mouth," says Gerald Downey, advertising and promotion director of WRQX-FM, that she's inspired her own poster. The station paid her $2,000 for the right to print 5,000 color posters of De Lisle in a Q107 T-shirt, her left thumb hooked in her jeans, her right hand fluffing up her hair. Profits from the sale of the poster, which will be available late this month, will go to charity.

Meanwhile, De Lisle isn't the only one in on the act. Nearly 25 other radio stations have hired another model known simply as Lorelei to lipsync TV ads promoting their stations. It wasn't until WLUP ("Loop") radio in Chicago put Lorelei in a T-shirt with their logo on the front that her career took off.

Footnote: Both Lorelei and De Lisle -- as well as "the Ourisman girl," for that matter -- live in Los Angeles. Both radio ad women are married: Lorelei is a mother of two children.