Alabama Donald Stewart, D 2 to 5 Frisky two-year-old senator, prepping for this race since his maiden victory in 1978. Should romp home. Alaska Mike Gravel, D 4 to 5 Erratic favorite prefers outside position. Traditionally runs in the money. Arizona Barry Goldwater, R 3 to 5 Old Man O'War seems safe for yet another race. Arkansas Dale Bumpers, D 2 to 5 Class of the field at Hot Springs. California Alan Cranston, D 4 to 5 The steady gait of this longtime favorite still pleases crowd. Track conditions, however, can change overnight. Colorado Gary Hart, D 3to 5 Unsuccessful as trainer, makes classy horse. Did well at Three Mile Island (Melt) Downs Florida Richard Stone, D 1 to 1 Must win qualifying heat as well as stakes race. May get caught in middle of pack. Georgia Herman Talmadge, D 1 to 1 Has not lived up to potential of sire, Bold Ruler. Nearly scratched last year. Can be had by a good mudder. Idaho Frank Church, D 7 to 5 Erratic performance and swift cut to right during Cuban racing season could lead to trouble against strong field. Indiana Birch Bayh, D 1 to 1 Veteran Trotter, trained at county fairs, won photo finish in '74. Another close finish expected. Iowa John Culver, D 7 to 5 Chastened by defeat of stablemate in '78, but refuses to alter racing style. Kansas Robert Dole, R 4 to 5 Bad defeats in effort to race above his class raises questions about familiarity with home track. Louisiana Russell Long, D 3 to 5 By Kingfish out of Oil Lobby. Has survived taxing schedule. Maryland Charles Mathias, R 2 to 5 Qualifying heat cancelled. Jump on field unlikely to be erased. Nevada Paul Laxalt, R 3 to 5 Las Vegas wisdom: Don't bet against the house. New Hampshire John Durkin, D 4 to 5 Gained confidence since judges forced rerun of '75 stakes. Ohio John Glenn, D 1 to 5 Stars propitious, favorite has the right stuff. Oregon Robert Packwood, R 4 to 5 Racing career could be aborted by right-to-lifers. South Dakota George McGovern, D 4 to 5 Long confounded oddsmakers on this conservative track. Luck may not hold this year. Utah Jake Garn, R 1 to 5 Expect little excitement in this desert classic. Vermont Patrick Leahy, D 1 to 1 First donkey ever to win stakes here. May be trampled by elephant this year. Washington Warren Magnuson, D 4 to 5 Does this veteran performer have one good race left? Smart money has not settled. Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson, D 3 to 5 Run over this track many times before, always victorious. Skillful finisher should prevail.