Best Campaign Trail Stops According to the Boys on the Bus San Francisco and Portland are the two favorite burgs in which reporters unpack typewriters. San Francisco is appreciated for its food and atmosphere, Portland for its seafood and grand hotel, the Benson Hotel. Worst Campaign Stops

1) Manchester, N.H.: Bad weather, bad food. Lodging at the Sheraton Wayfarer has improved mainly because so many reporters and candidates have spent so much money there.

2) Montgomery, Ala.: It's in the middle of nowhere.

3) Columbus, Ohio: It looks like every place else.

4) Indianapolis, Ind.: Terrible food, terrible lodging, no charm. And California Gets 200,000 Hot Tubs Early this winter residents of New England found in their mailboxes brochures and plastic gadgets designed to save hot water and cut fuel bills. The freebies were compliments of the Department of Energy which spent $3 million on the conservation giveaway to the residents of the states with the nation's earliest presidential primiaries. Said presidential assistant Anne Wexler: "It is incorrect and cynical to ascribe this campaign to politics." Liberals Most Hated by Conservatives Sens. George McGovern (D-S.D.), John Culver (D-Iowa), Frank Church (D-Idaho), Alan Cranston (D-Ca.) and Birch Bayh, (D-Ind.). Worst Presidential Campaign Advance Adventure When two of Morris Udall's advance men were examining Boston's Funeuil Hall a day before an appearance by the presidential hopeful in 1976, they got locked in at night. All doors and ground floor windows were sealed, so they called Udall's Secret Service contingent, who summoned local police, who arrived with a big ring of keys. None fit. It took a hook-and-ladder truck (and some reassurance since one man had a fear of heights) to rescue the duo through a second-story window. The Importance of Being No. 2 "It's indoor work with no heavy lifting." -- Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kan.).

"It's not worth a bucket of warm spit." -- John Nance Garner.

"Give me a week, and I'll think of one." -- Dwight Eisenhower answering a question about Richard Nixon's contributions as vice president. Exactly How Teddy Used to Say It "Uh, well, as I, uh, have said before, uh, several times in fact, I, uh, I expect the president to be, uh, renominated, and I expect him to be reelected and I, uh, I intend to support him."