The congressman who brought the nation the POW-MIA bracelet and the bracelet protesting persecution of Soviet dissident Anatoly Scharansky is now promoting hostage bracelets.

"Just before Christmas I made a speech before we adjourned," says conservative Rep. Robert Dornan (R-Calif.). "I said if we came back here for the State of the Union message and the hostages are still in Iran, then I was going to resurrect the bracelets to help the president keep this on page one."

Last month Dornan chided his fellow congressmen in the Congressional Record, noting that he hadn't seen a single member wearing the Scharansky bracelet. Then he made certain every major figure in government -- from the Congress to the White House, the Supreme Court to the Pentagon -- received an Iranian hostage bracelet with the name of Air Force Lt. Col. David M. Roeder inscribed on it along with the stern message, "Never Again."

"If this thing explodes like the POW bracelet did," says Dornan, "we'll have bracelets with all 53 names."

Footnote: Dornan's likely opponent for reelection this fall is the 31-year-old son of actor Gregory Peck, Cary, who accuses Dornan of responding to a crisis by creating jewlery. Dornan thinks that's a cheap shot from the man he calls "Peck's bad boy," and levels a zinger of his own: "I don't think his father would have said that."