Wooden kitchen implements. Spaghetti measurer and French tasting spoon are available at Jackie Chalkley, 3301 New Mexico Ave. NW (686-8884); all items except spaghetti measurer are available at Appalachian Spring, 1655 Wisconsin Ave. NW (337-5780).

Despite the popularity of aluminum gadgets in the modern kitchen, for some tasks there's nothing like wood. Just imagine culinary life without your favorite wooden spoon, or a solid, wooden rolling pin. Woodcrafters around the country are busy thinking up lots of new ways to put wood back into the kitchen. Some of the new generation of wooden implements are recent inventions, but many are reincarnations of centuries-old kitchen tools. Old or new, they're just what the cook ordered, and what the bride-to-be will appreciate as a shower gift. CAPTION: Picture, Tongs of birch for serving salads ($4.50) or stir-frying ($3.75); biscuit-cutter/candle-holder of cherry ($3.75); mint muddler or pestle ($7.50); cedar butter paddle -- its maker claims food won't stick to it ($4.50); flat birch dough scraper or cutting-board scoop ($3.75); walnut or maple spaghetti measurer with holes to measure portions for one to four people ($5.75); old-fashioned Irish potato masher ($3); French tasting spoon -- scoop up the liquid in one spoon, let it cool as it runs down the trough, then taste it from the other spoon ($4.75); resembling a baseball bat, the all-purpose Scottish spurtle ($2). By James M. Thresher