Don't believe George Bush's vows that he wouldn't run for vice president on a ticket headed by Ronald Reagan. Baloney, says a Republican insider, who indicates that Reagan's age could mean Mr. Number Two might wind up Mr. Number One . . . Where will over-achieving, workaholic downtown lawyers eat lunch on Saturday now that Duke Zeibert has closed his doors? The first Saturday A.D. (After Duke's) found the leader of the park, Edward Bennett Williams, tying on the feedbag at Joe and Mo's, a restaurant that, not coincidentally, had decided to begin serving a Saturday lunch.

Question: What's the real reason Gerald Ford decided not to make a bid for the presidency? Answer: He would have had to cancel a golf tournament named after him. That's a small joke told in Republican circles, but it's true that the ex-president is bursting with pride about the first Gerald Ford Invitational Golf Tournament to be held at the end of next month in Vail, Colo. . . . John Sears' depature from the Reagan campaign earlier this year spawned a new Washington political consulting firm made up of Sears loyalists. Reagan's political director Charles Black, his convention director Paul Manafort, and his young Northeast field director Roger Stone began Black, Manafort & Stone. Clients already include their old boss, Reagan, the Republican National Committee, former congressman Bruce Caputo (who's after Jacob Javits' Senate seat), some GOP candidates in North Carolina and South Carolina. s