Update that item of a couple of weeks ago about the gentleman who checked into a posh Washington hotel with an inflatable doll he introduced as his wife, Estelle. It appears the couple was not married.

According to the Rev. William A. Wendt, director of Washington's St. Francis Center, the mystery man asked him to marry him to Estelle one Sunday morning earlier this year. What did Wendt say?

"I told them I never perform a ceremony unless I've had a counseling session," Wendt recalls. "During 30 minutes of counseling, so to speak, I suggested many young people these days find living together a satisfactory way of getting to know one another." He suggested a year might be a reasonable amount of time to become better acquainted. Says Wendt: "He thanked me profusely."

Various self-help groups in Washington ask new disciples to perpetrate public pranks that resemble '50s fraternity initiation rites, which could explain the sightings of Estelle. Wendt is even more understanding: "I think he's putting people on in a beautiful way," says the Episcopal preist. "It makes the world go around. I suppose he might be a little weird, but the light shines through."