National Trust for Historic Preservation Shop. 1600 H St. NW. 673-4197.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is raising a lot of consciousnesses to the importance of preserving places and things of historic interest. And, on a smaller scale, its newly enlarged bookstore/gift shop is doing the same thing by offering reminders of things, from buildings to quilt patterns, that have survived, in one form or another, because preservation worked. The shop's book stock reveals how varied are the objects and interests of the preservation movement, covering such topics as renovating old houses, touring historic districts of various cities, visiting country inns, researching furniture styles, cooking with traditional recipes, decorating the home, practicing crafts and, one of the newest themes, learning to adapt buildings to new sources of energy. Interspersed among the shop's books are other trophies of the preservation movement, including reproductions of pewterware, quilted pillows, cookie stamps, shortbread molds, hand-woven blankets, collections of old postcard reproductions, miniature porcelain boxes that replicate Lincoln's log cabin, posters of the Trust's various properties; placements designed with architectural renderings; tote bags printed with a drawing of New Jersey's architectural "white elephant," Lucy; notepaper and gift wrap imprinted with pictures from old seed catalogues; Folkwear clothes patterns; tin containers fashioned as likenesses of old houses; and puzzles showing city views from the past.