The In-Your-Face Basketball Book. By Chuck Wielgus Jr. and Alexander Wolff. $7.95 in paperback, $11.95 in hardback. Published by Everest House. Available at bookstores.

There's a new, different kind of basketball book out that promises not to inundate you with professional statistics or dazzle you with rags-to-riches portraits of the stars. What it does guarantee is a picture of another side of the sport, the spontaneous brand of basketball called "pick-up ball" that thrives at corner lots and neighborhood playgrounds everywhere and operates with its own rules and language. The In-Your-Face Basketball Book takes on the task, and usually humorously, of tutoring the uninitiated in playing street ball. It defines the rules, explains the jargon, decrees what is and isn't appropriate garb, and coaches players in the shots and skills "for doing battle in the asphalt jungle." It also teaches the fundamentals of sizing up the competition by judging everything from their clothes to their moves. For the hard-core players who relentlessly hunt for the "big game," there's a survey of Can you identify Paul White Exhibit (KEY OFF) 001j53-03 (KEYWORD) No. 79? (KEY OFF) 001j53-04 (KEYWORD) A It appears to be an authorization for (KEY OFF) 001j53-05 (KEYWORD) foreign travel form in the Nuclear Fuel Division, (KEY OFF) 001j53-06 (KEYWORD) $