It's an unlikely scenario, but Larry Brown, former Redskin star running back and a friend of the Kennedy clan, is set to solicit support for right-wing Republican Rep. Jack Kemp. In fact, Brown -- who works full-time as a Washington Stockbroker with E. F. Hutton -- has worked for the past several months as an unpaid "special adviser" to Kemp, an arrangement that was news to some of Kemp's staffers.

And Brown thinks Kemp, a former American Football League quarterback who is now the darling of conservative Republicans, would make a great president.

"I let the congressman know I was willing to volunteer, to do some work for him whatever his endeavors were in terms of achieving a level in poltics that is higher than his present level," says Brown, who met the New York congressman at a Super Bowl game in Miami. Brown vaguely describes his role as "sort of low key." He receives no pay from Kemp and says he last talked with the congressman a couple of months ago.

But earlier this month Brown returned from a taxpayer-paid trip to Tokyo courtesy of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, a government-sponsored group that sends young political leaders abroad to meet their counterparts. Brown, 32, was identified as a special adviser to Kemp, although a spokeswoman for the congressman says Brown was not touring on Kemp's behalf.

Questioned five days afer his return from Tokyo, Brown said, "As early as this morning I began to draft a letter to the congressman to sort of explain to him my impressions and the knowledge I gained by making such a trip."

Perhaps football, like politics, makes strange bedfellows.