Since Mark Talisman bought his calculator watch it has shown its gratitude by paying for itself. Whenever he receives a restaurant check that has been added by hand, he recalculates it on his watch. In four months he saved $67.50 in errors, a common one being adding the date at the top of the check into the total. Furthermore, a friend of his claims to save $200 a year by making this practice a habit.

The Sign of an Honest Craftsman -- When a diner complained about the fettucini carbonara at Geppetto, the management responded not only by removing the charge from the menu and replacing the dish, but also by promising to take the unsuccessful dish off the menu altogether. That's what I call responsiveness.

Knock Three Times and Say Ralph Nader Sent You -- Complaints have come about the early dinner specials advertised by the Barley Mow and Sans Souci. In both cases, the bargain-priced pre-theater dinners were not mentioned on the menu, and patrons were told later, when their full-price bills arrived, that they should have asked. In each case, the diners thought they had asked, but apparently they did not use the right password. So, if you are intending to order a specially priced dinner that is not spelled out on the menu, be sure to establish the terms with the waiter before you order.