NFL's biggest hot dog 1. Thomas Henderson, San Francisco 2. Drew Pearson, Dallas 3. Tony Dorsett, Dallas NFL's most underrated player 1. Keith Krepfle, Philadelphia 2. Brian Sipe, Cleveland 3. Robert Newhouse, Dallas NFL's most overrated player 1. Tony Dorsett, Dallas 2. Harvey Martin, Dallas 3. Jack Youngblood, Los angeles To win one game, the coach (other than Jack Pardee) you'd want on your side 1. Tom Landry, Dallas 2. Don Shula, Miami 3. Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh NFL's best Cheerleaders 1. Dallas 2. Philadelphia 3. St. Louis 4. Miami Redskins' most underrated player 1. clarence Harmon 2.Brad Dusek 3. Mark Murphy Redskins' best athlete 1. Monte Coleman 2. Joe Theismann 3. Mark murphy NFL's best city for groupies 1. Los Angeles 2. New York 3. Tampa Bay One player on offense to start a franchise with 1. Earl Campbell, Houston 2. Walter Payton, Chicago 3. Roger Staubach, Dallas One player on defense to start a franchise with 1. Harry Carson, N.Y. Giants 2. Bubba Baker, Detroit 3. Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh The NFL's surprise team in 1980 1. N.Y. Giants 2. Detroit 3.St. Louis The NFL's flop team in 1980 1. Tampa Bay 2. Dallas 3. Los Angeles Comeback player of the year 1. Too Tall Jones, Dallas 2. Bill Bergey, Phidelphia 3. Charlie Waters, Dallas Most-respected Redskin 1. Ken Houston 2. Diron Talbert 3. Bob Kuziel NFL rookie of the year 1. Billy Simms, Detroit 2. Junior Miller, Atlanta 3. Lam Jones, N.Y. Jets The one team you love to beat more than anyone 1. Dallas, still unanimous Consensus on division winners: NFC East (Redskins not included) -- Dallas NFC Central -- Chicago Nfc wEst -- Los Angeles NFC Wild Cards Philadelphia Chicago AFC East -- Miami AFC Central -- Pittsburgh AFC West -- San Diego AFC Wild Cards -- Houston, Denver 1980 Super Bowl teams Pittsburgh and Dallas The winner: Pittsburgh