If this is Labor Day weekend, it must be time for The Washington Post Magazine's third annual everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-the-Redskins poll, with a slightly new twist. Or rather, list.

Oh most of the standard questions are still included, with answers provided by more than a dozen Redskins. But this season we also decided to get personal, if you'll pardon the expression.

Faithful followers of the poll will notice that some of the old categories are missing. That's precisely because these categories never change. Lemar Parrish is still considered the team's best dresser and Mark Murphy the team's worst, even though Murphy and his wife recently were seen heading for the men's department at Bloomingdale's/Tysons Corner.

Dave Butz still hasn't learned to dance a step, and everybody knows what city's fans are the best in the National Football League -- Washington's.

But how many fans know Ken Houston's favorite church hymns, or Pete Wysocki's favorite Washington nightspots?

With those questions in mind, we present the annual poll, some Redskin top picks and predictions of the division winners, Super Bowl teams and NFL champions. The Redskins were not allowed to vote for themselves, but -- surprise, surprise -- every single man queried believes 1980 will be a championship season in Washington.

Oh yes, one added touch in this election year: The Redskins were asked their preference in presidential candidates. Of those who answered, Ronald Reagan was a clear winner with 75 percent of the Redskin votes. Top that one, George Gallup. REDSKIN PICKS Bob Kuziel, a center who has to block them all, picks the NFL's toughest middle linebackers. 1. Harry Carson, N.Y. Giants 2. Bill Bergey, Philadelphia 3. jack Reynolds, Los Angeles 4. Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Bob Kuziel picks Washington's best steaks. 1. The Palm 2. The Prime Rib 3. The House Cafe (Herndon) 4. Duke Zeibert's (R.I.P.) Joe Theismann's all-time-favorite Notre Dame players 1. Mike McCoy 2. Clarence Ellis 3. Paul Hornung 4. George Connor Joe Theismann's favorite touchdowns 1. 11-yard pass to Ricky Thompson vs. Cowboys in 1979 2. 3-yard option run vs. Cowboys in 1974 3. 1-yard run vs. Cowboys in 1979 4. 25-yard pass to John McDaniel vs. Detroit in 1978 The coaches who taught Jack Pardee most everything he knows 1. G. W. Tillerson, Christoval (Texas) High School 2. Bear Bryant 3. Sid Gillman 4. George Allen The NFL coaches Jack Pardee respects the most 1. Tom Landry 2. Chuck Noll 3. Don Shula 4. Dick Vermeil John Riggins picks the NFL's hardest hitters 1. Harry Carson, N.Y. Giants 2. Jack Tatum, Oakland 3. Doug Plank, Chicago 4. Mike Curtis, retired (thank God) John Riggins' favorite Washington restaurants 1. The Palm 2. L'Auberge Chez Francois 3. The Dancing Crab 4. The Foundry Pete Wysocki, the craziest Redskin special-teamer, picks the wackiest wedge-busters in the NFL. 1. John (Dr. Doom) Barefield, St. Louis 2. Rich Mauti, New Orleans 3. Jerry Robinson, Philadelphia 4. Dan Lloyd, N.Y. Giants Pete Wysocki's favorite Washington nightspots 1. any place the Machu Pichou Latin band is playing 2. Elan 3. Tramps 4. home with the drapes drawn Art Monk, the Redskins' No. 1 draft choice, picks the NFL's top rockies in 1980. 1. Billy Simms, Detroit running back 2. Lam Jones, N.Y. Jets receiver 3. Mike Haynes, N.Y. Giants cornerback 4. Anthony Munoz, Cincinnati tackle Art Monk signed a million-dollar contract. How did he spend some of the cash? 1. a new house in Arlington 2. a new Mercedes 3. clothes 4. (future) a house for mom Brad Dusek's day-after-game routine 1. hot bath, whirlpool, ultra-sound treatment 2. morning nap 3. luncheon engagement 4. afternoon nap 5. rest, rest, rest Brad Dusek picks the NFL's toughest backs to cover on a pass pattern out of the backfield. 1. Preston Pearson Dallas 2. Doug Kotar, N.Y. Giants 3. Ron Springs, Dallas 4. Clarence Harmon, Washington Mike Bragg, the senior Redskin (13 years), picks the players he misses the most. 1. Rusty Tillman, Seattle coach 2. Bob Brunet, Louisiana fish merchant 3. Paul Laaveg, Annapolis builder 4. Bill Malinchak, N.Y. silver dealer Mike Bragg picks the NFL's best punt blockers. 1. Charlie Waters, Dallas 2. Rick Byas, Atlanta 3. Levi Johnson, Detroit 4. Ken Stone, St. Louis Mark Murphy picks the toughest NFL backs to tackle. 1. Wilbert Montgomery Philadelphia 2. Earl Campbell, Houston 3. Walter Payton, Chicago 4.Ottis Anderson, St. Louis Mark Murphy, annually voted worst-dressed by his teammates, picks the spiffiest NFL cheerleaders. 1. philadelphia 2. Dallas 3. Chicago 4. Oakland Kim McQuilken picks the Nfl's best back-up quarterbacks. 1. Matt Robinson, Denver 2. Bobby Scott, New Orleans 3. Vince Ferragamo, Los Angeles 4. Greg Landry, Detroit Kim McQuilken, now dating a former Miss Pennsylvania, picks the best NFL cities for girl-watching. 1. Atlanta 2. Los Angeles 3. New York 4. Washington Ken Houston picks the NFL's toughest tight ends to cover. 1. Jimmy Giles, Tampa Bay 2. Ozzie Newsome, Cleveland 3. Rich Caster, Oakland 4. Keith Krepfle, Philadelphia Ken Houston, who still sings in his Houston church choir, picks his favorite gospel hymns. 1. "Old Ship of Zion" 2. "Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior" 3. "Peace Be Still" 4. "Will the Circle be Unbroken?" Mark Moseley picks the NFL's strongest legs. 1. Tony Franklin, Philadelphia placekicker 2. Bob Grupp, Kansas City punter 3. Ray Guy, Oakland punter 4. Uwe von Schamann, Miami placekicker Mark Moseley, the color man for George Washington University basketball, picks his favorite Washington sportscasters. 1. George Michael, WRC 2. Glenn Brenner, WDVM 3. Mike Patrick, formerly WJLA 4. Tim Brant, WJLA General Manager Bobby Beathard's favorite marathons and his best times in them 1. Avenue of Giants, Weott, Calif. (2 hrs., 49 mins.) 2. Trail's End, Seaside, Ore. (2:46, personal record) 3. Boston (2:48) 4. Orange Bowl, Miami (2:54) Bobby Beathardt's college seniors to watch in 1980 1. Rich Campbell, California quarterback 2. George Rogers, South Carolina running back 3. Hugh Green, Pittsburgh linebacker 4. Keith Van Horn, Southern Cal offensive tackle Diron Talbert picks his favorite Redskin team of the '70s. 1. 1971 (a new life) 2. 1972 (a Super Bowl) 3. 1974 (playoffs despite adversity) 4. 1979 (a total shock) Diron Talbert picks the NFL's worst holders. 1. the entire St. Louis offensive line 2. Carl Mauck, Houston 3. Gene Upshaw, Oakland 4. Ralph Neely, Dallas (retired, praise be) Mike Allman, the Redskins' super-scout, picks the favorite Redskin sleepers he's helped draft or sign. 1. Larry Brown (8th round) 2. Mike Thomas (5th round) 3. Bob Brunet (7th round) 4. Jon Jaqua (free agent) Charles Taylor picks his most memorable catches. 1. 45 yards from Billy Kilmer to beat Dallas in NFC championship game in 1972 2. 36 yards for a touchdown, and a broken leg, vs. Kansas City in 1971 3. six yards vs. St. Louis, his first pro catch in 1964 4. 11 yards vs. Philadelphia to set the all-time record of NFL receivers in 1975 Offensive coordinator Joe Walton picks his favorite trick plays in the Redskin offense. 1. Fake slant, 38 pitchback -- handoff to fullback, pitch back to quarterback, pass to open receiver 2. Ride 48 halfback option -- handoff to halfback who throws a pass 3. Flip 38, Z reverse -- handoff to fullback left, handoff to flanker coming from right 4. Fake quick screen to X, Y corner -- flanker comes in motion toward receiver, quarterback fakes quick screen pass to receiver, flanker runs corner pattern and gets pass Trainer Bubba Tyer picks the most-battered Redskins. 1. Ron Saul (four knee operations) 2. Terry Hermeling (three knee operations) 3. Ken Houston (two badly-arthritic knees, one knee operation, broken forearm, numerous bumps, bruises, contusions)