Bobby Baker doesn't forget. Nearly 13 years ago, Lyndon Johnson's former aide was found guilty of tax evasion and grand larceny. He served 16 months of a one- to three-year sentence in a federal penitentiary.

But Baker, currently in the real estate business on the East Coast, continues to profess his innocence. And now he claims he's "going for the jugular" with a lawsuit he hopes will undo his conviction.

Last month Baker filed suit in Washington's U.S. District Court claiming that one of the main witnesses against him committed perjury. And Baker says he has someone willing to swear that the witness recently recanted his testimony in a converstion. Further, Baker claims a crucial memo in the prosecution's possession during the trial was never given to him and, in fact, only surfaced by chance in an unrelated matter five years ago.

Like everything involving Bobby Baker, the case is complicated. The chances of reversal are considered slim. But Baker is not shy about courtroom battles. He's still fighting the Internal Revenue Service in court over liability for back taxes, interest and civil fraud penalities that stem from his original criminal conviction.