Nature's Touch. 5311 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 362-2782.

Envision a classic woodland scene, a bird poised on a twig, framed by vines, berries and wildflowers. Then envision the same woodland scene transplanted onto a tabeltop in a living room. This metamorphosis from outdoor tableau to indoor still life is being accomplished by the floral designers at Nature's Touch, a new flower shop that defies the traditional flower shop label. Owner Candy Somerville thinks of it as a "floral design salon," and has furnished it as such, with oriental rugs and antique furniture and cages of cooing doves. The shop's floral works cover the spectrum of flower forms, "silks, drieds and very unusual fresh flowers," says Somerville. fFresh flower arrangements of orchids, pitcher plants, lilies or freesia are not uncommon here. Any fresh flowers that are unused are naturally dried and placed in a cabinet for use as potpourris. Dried arrangements, from small table groupings to massive room centerpieces, usually incorporate such rustic ingredients as logs with lichen, moss, twigs, vines, lotus pods and stuffed birds. "We like to make them look like they just sort of grew there," says designer Thom Booze. Fresh and dried arrangements, prepared in the shop's or customer's container, range from $15 to $1,500.