And you think you have a finished basement? Consider Charlie Brotman's Takoma Park downstairs party room that is furnished in, to put it mildly, a sports motif. You got your football helmet-shaped ice bucket. You got your genuine Astroturf floor covering, complete with gridiron markings, as well as chairs and bleachers from the late, great Griffith Stadium. Then there's the putting green with the 18th hole flag (we couldn't fit it in this photo) and sports memorabilia too numerous to mention.

During the last 25 years, Brotman has done public relations at one time or another for every major sports team in Washington. Those bats that support the bar and stools came, says Brotman, "from when I worked for the Senators baseball club. I used to get some of the bats that weren't just right for the batters. Used to use 'em as firewood -- great, great logs. Then my wife, Sada, sanded some and varnished them, and a neighbor came over and said, 'Hey, Charlie, you got all this room and these bats, build a little bat bar!' Well, I could envision a bat bar about three feet long, two feet deep. But this fella comes over, and he's a real handy-dandy fella. Me, you wanna know how much of a do-it yourself guy I am? When my wife says the lawn needs mowing, I say, 'Do it yourself.' Anyway, he built that bar, which also has a stereo system behind it and everything."

Brotman's basement, it leads its division.