Ruffles & Flourishes. Shirlington Shopping Center, 2776 S. Randolph St., Arlington. 379-2251.

When Jane Boykin and Barbara Hultman came to Washington, they were set in their Southern ways, accustomed to dressing little girls in ruffled, hand-smocked frocks with mother-or-pearl buttons. Frustrated in their local search for such genteel attire, they've gathered their own at Ruffles & Flourishes, a collection of "things that make little girls look like they're supposed to," says Boykin. The mainstay of this Southern-style of dressing is the English-smocked dress with mother-of-pearl buttons ($28 to $85, through size 8). The dresses are seqn in a variety of fabrics and sty size 8). The dresses are sewn in a variety of fabrics and styles by local people. Another dpecialty is the dainty hand-embroidered Swiss batiste gown, perfect for christenings. The look is completed with buttons shoes, frilly underwear and "beauty bars," little pins that are often used instead of buttons on infant clothes. For those inclined to sew, the shop stocks fabrics ranging from corduroy to imported batiste, which they can have pleated, mother-of pearl buttons, lace and emproidery, patterns and books. Instructions are offered in English smocking and French hand-sewing.