If they were many times larger, they would be intriguing pieces of sculpture one might view from near and far, walk around and return to reconsider. But as jewelry, these scupltures take on another fascination in the way they respond to the person and the things on which they are worn.

Art to wear is hardly a new idea. But with the high cost of gold and precious stones, there is a new appeal in individually handcrafted pieces, especially those done in fresh techniques and unexpected media, including titanium and cast glass. CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 11, 1. Pleated sterling and 14-karat gold pin by Rachelle Thiewes. $185. Available through dealer Shelly Guggenheim (488-1320). 2. Colored procelain beads with sterling silver clasp by Howard Newcomb. $125. At Jackie Chalkley. 3. Rachelle Thiewes' sterling and 14-karat gold folded triangle pierced earrings. $240. Available through dealer Shelly Guggenheim. 4. Gold ring with chrysocolla and rubies by Kim Bass. $600. Shelly Guggenheim. 5. Lifesaver green sandcast and etched glass bracelet by Linda MacNeil. $50. Shelly Guggenheim. 6. Bonwillum's spalted wood, sterling silver and ebony cuff bracelet. $195. At Jackie Chalkley. 7. Betty Cooke's chunk of pyrite set in gold ($300) on a 14-karat gold tubing chain 0$400). The Mineral Kingdom. 8. Titanium ribbon pin by Ivy Ross. $148. The Mineral Kingdom. 9. Disc mirror ring of 14-karat yellow gold you can use to put on your lipstick, by Betty Cooke. $493. The Mineral Kingdom. 10. Leslie Correll's mixed metal with ivory pin. $36. At Jackie Chalkley. 11. Folded, partly oxydized sterling silver bracelet by Susan Tamulevich. $327. The Mineral Kingdom. sPhotographed by John Burwell.