Four years ago much ado was made by the press about the religious makeup of the new Southern Baptist president's cabinet. But this time around scarcely a word has been mentioned, so you might be surprised to learn the Schwenkfelder Church is well represented.

The what?

It's true. The Schwenkfelder Church is a small, German Protestant denomination whose members are mostly from central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Both Health and Human Services head Richard Schweiker and Transportation chief Andrew Lewis are members of the tiny (five congregations, 2,748 members) Schwenkfelder Church.

This is not to say that more populous denominatons are not represented. Four Rutgers University political science professors under editor Gerald Pomper combed the backgrounds of Reagan's inner circle for a new book, The Election of 1980 , and found these religious affiliations:

Roman Catholic Reaganites include Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, National Security Council chief Richard Allen, Labor Secretary Ray Donovan and CIA head William Casey.

From the United Methodist Church come Housing and Urban Development head Samuel Pierce, energy chief James B. Edwards and Office of Management and Budget chief David Stockman.

Episcopalians include Vice President George Bush, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Attorney General William French Smith.

The Regan cabinet's one Baptist is United Nations Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, who taught at Georgetown University, a Jesuit institution.

Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige is a member of the United Church of Christ.

Agriculture Secretary James Wyatt is a member of the Assemblies of God.

And Educational Secretary Terrel H. Bell, former commissioner of higher education for Utah, is a Mormon.