No matter how hard these two try, he can't help being mistaken for the president of the United States and she can't help looking like a photocopy of the first lady.

For years, people have told David Becker, a security guard at Los Angeles airport, that he resembled Ronald Reagan. And JoAnn Johnson, a San Francisco housewife, says even Nancy Reagan was taken aback in 1966 when both women met by chance while visiting patients at a military hospital.

Now Becker and Johnson are the latest faces to join the stable of celebrity lookalikes managed by California-based Ron Smith Productions.Smith says he has three Rons and three Nancys available for hire for advertisements, films and product endorsements. Since Smith chose Becker and Johnson to escort around during inaugural week, it should be safe to say that they are the two Americans who bear the most striking resemblance to the president and his wife.

"During the campaign I stayed in a lot," says Johnson, mother of five and wife of a fast-food chain executive. "People would come up to me and say, 'We're not voting for you.' I'd just say, 'Okay.'"

She wears a size 8 dress while Nancy Reagan is a 6, but Johnson sports the same dazzling smile and pert hairstyle as the first lady, who, Johnson says, is "a few years" older than she is.

The crinkly lines around 60-year-old Becker's eyes and his pompadour match Ronald Reagan's, a happy coincidence Becker hopes will earn him some extra money he says he'll spend on his wife -- the Beckers celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary Saturday.

Becker and Johnson, however, prove it's tough to judge a book by its cover.

Both are registered Democrats.