Alterable multiple-use furniture by Judith Bowie. 933-3395 (evenings).

Judith Bowie prides herself on being the first woman to receive a master's degree in fine arts in woodworking/furniture design. Her theses in wood are answers to modern furnishing problems -- each piece has "sensible" furniture for modern families whose living areas are often confined to small spaces and who are constantly moving. Bowie has furnished her home with her multiple-use inventions -- interlocking tables/game boards/seats, a wall-hanging/music stand, a two-piece chaise longue, a combination wood and woven wall-hanging/seat, interlocking dining table/desk/plant stand and so on. Her inventions, though, are answers to other people's design dilemmas. "People will give me a problem," the size, finish and functions they require of the piece of furniture, says Bowie, "and we will contract that they will accept my solution." Her objective is creating furniture that is functional, practical and attractive, "problem-solving and producing something sculptural as well." Bowie's furniture designs are expensive (from $100 for a small plant stand), but she feels that the value, pragmatism and innovation reflected in her work are worth the extra investment. "These are future antiques that use space sensibly."