Perhaps you didn't have time during the inaugural festivities to stop by the office of Rep. Jack Brinkley (D-Ga.). Perhaps you missed the hot Dr. Pepper with a twist of lemon he was serving in his office.

Well, reading the press release his office issued about the hospitality Brinkley offered constituents was probably almost as good as being there.

"Upon entering Brinkley's office, a young and articulate staff welcomes visitors," reported the press release. "Doughnuts are available in abundance, and a milk bar is the center of attraction. A cup can be seen in Brinkley's trophy case bearing the inscription, 'Only love beats milk!'"

Look around you, advised the release. A bronze Ft. Benning infantryman, a Robins Air Force Base 19th Bomb Wing Black Knight and a bust of George Washington "provide a sense of home and history" in the congressman's office.

"From this 'bird's nest' view, some will visually observe the Change of Command," promised the press release, "and others will, from different vantage points in the room, observe through the wonder of television the pageantry of this significant day."

We wish we'd been there. Especially since apparently great things await Brinkley.

"It is a day to be remembered," concluded the release. "From the Great Rotunda to the Speaker's Lobby, where hangs the ornate and handsome portrait of Charles Crisp, Speaker of the 52nd and 53rd Congresses, and where Brinkley staffers may be heard to whisper that someday it may be said that the last Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia, before Brinkley, was Crisp!"