Avgolemono -- egg-and-lemon sauce used in soups, stews or with vegetables.

baba ghanouj -- puree of eggplant with garlic, lemon juice and sesame paste (tahini), served as a dip for pita.

baklava -- diamond-shaped pastry made of flaky thin pastry leaves brushed with butter and layered with chopped nuts, soaked with syrup or honey after baking.

borek -- fried or baked flaky pastry filled with meat or cheese.

bourma -- cigar-shaped pastry similar to baklava.

couscous -- semolina (wheat grains) steamed over a spicy stew of meat (usually lamb), a variety of vegetables, chickpeas and raisins, served with hot pepper sauce.

doner kebab -- loaf of sliced and ground lamb (sometimes other meats) cooked on a vertical spit, served in thin slices cut from the surface as it cooks.

felafel -- spicy chickpea fritters, usually served with tahini.

feta -- white, soft, crumbly Greek cheese made from goat's milk.

filo -- flour and water made into paper-thin pastry dough layered with butter or oil to be used in appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

galatoboureko -- custard-filled pastry drenched in syrup.

gibanico -- baked pastry and cheese casserole, a hybrid of cheese souffle and noddle pudding.

gouvetsi -- chunks of lamb baked with tomatoes and served with orzo (rice-shaped pasta).

gyro -- Greek name for doner kebab (also called shwerma.)

hummus -- chickpeas pureed with tahini, lemon and garlic, served as a dip for pita.

kadaifi -- honey- or syrup-soaked pastry made of shredded wheat, filled with nuts.

kalamarakia -- squid.

kasseri cheese -- a firm, white, mildly-flavored Greek cheese.

kibbe -- ground lamb and cracked wheat pounded together, served raw, baked and cut in diamond shapes or fried as torpedo-shaped filled meatballs.

kufta -- ground meat kebabs.

kulebiaka -- Slavic pastry filled with salmon and rice.

lamb kapama -- chunks of braised lamb in a tomato and wine sauce, usually seasoned with cloves and cinnamon.

mezze -- appetizers.

moussaka -- sliced eggplant (sometimes potato) baked with ground meat, flavored with tomato and usually cinnamon, topped with thick custard and grated cheese.

ouzo -- a clear, anise-flavored liquor that turns cloudy when mixed with water; raki is the Turkish version, arrack the Lebanese version.

pastitsio -- layered baked macoroni and meat topped with a thick cheese sauce.

pita -- flat Arab bread that breaks into two layers to form a pocket.

saganaki -- fried cheese, usually kasseri.

soujoukakia -- spicy beef sausage.

souvlaki -- marinated lamb, beef or poultry cut up and grilled on skewers.

spanakopita -- spinach pie in a filo crust, often seasoned with feta, egg and onions.

styfado -- beef stew and baby onions in a tomato sauce.

tabulleh -- salad made of cracked wheat, fresh mint, lemon juice and often parsley.

tahini -- paste made from crushed sesame seeds, usually seasoned with lemon and garlic, served alone or combined with chickpeas, eggplant or chopped vegetables as an appetizer dip; also used as a sauce.

tarama or taramasalata -- salted carp roe pureed with bread or potato, onion and lemon juice into a thick paste for an appetizer.

tzatziki -- appetizer of cucumber and yogurt spiced with garlic.